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24 February 2009

How cutting my hair is a life-altering experience...

...for my students I mean.
Students:  Miss!!!!   You cut your hair????!!!!????
Me:  Is that a question or a statement? 
My Silent Thoughts:  Obviously...it's like 4 inches shorter...

Students: (in unison)  WHY!!!???!!!!

Students: (all at the same time) Oh My God!  But I liked it long! You look ugly now! Why???  I told you to grow it out!  It's short!  Oh No!

My Silent Thoughts:  Did your boyfriend break up with you/ your gramma die/ your foot fall off/ your cell phone break/ your world end due to a 4 inch haircut?  Sorry I had no idea of the impact I have on global warming and natural disasters.....

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