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18 February 2009

Because there is nothing teachers like better than lists.

Things I have learned about myself over February vacation:
1.  My body wakes up naturally at approximately 8:25 each morning.
2.  I love my job. (When it's february, april, christmas or summer vacations.)
3.  I am not smarter than an elementary school student.  (Ask me for my results on the General Curriculum practice test.)
4.  I am not an alcoholic.  I do not in fact NEED a drink at 5 pm on the dot on days that school is not in session.  ::PHEW::
5.  I love learning.  Disclaimer:  When I am not shoving it down the throats of 15 year olds...
6.  I miss my kids. (hahahah, this one is not true- just wanted to see if you were paying attention!!!!)

Self realization is a beautiful thing.


  1. Haha- You miss your kids? When I worked day care- the first day away from the kids I would actually miss them- but then I got over it so fast! It was always hard to go back.

    Cute blog.

  2. Thanks! And no, I really don't miss them, I love my time away to regroup and relax!


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