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10 March 2009

Pop Quiz.

Question:  Who is SpongeBob?
Answer: NOT a sponge from the kitchen sink that FELL into the ocean and was made into a cartoon character.

Scenario:  I passed out a worksheet today that I adapted from another teacher at my school, and in an effort to make learning "fun", it features SpongeBob SquarePants and SpongeSuzy RoundPants as parents.  The object is to make Punnet squares with their genotypes and figure out the probability of their kids getting RoundPants or SquarePants.  One of my students took one look at the worksheet, and very seriously said (in AWE), "I didn't know SpongeBob was Biology."  Later conversation informed me that all my kids thought SpongeBob was a sponge to clean pots and pans with.


07 March 2009

Reasons why I did not pass the MTEL

1.  I do not know why prime numbers when added together, squared, multiplied by 7654982456 then divided by 10 to the 52nd still stay prime.
2.  I must have been asleep in history when they taught about World History...and possibly U.S. history as well.
3.  I do not believe elementary students should have to study the reason why the dictionary impacted our society.
4.  There were far too many answers that I marked "C".
5.  I hardly used any "A's".
6. I cannot explain two ways the Civil War changed U.S. policy.
7.  I wanted to spend another 200 bucks next time they offer the test.
8.  The reason that a triangle inside of a cube under a circle has lateral area of 15bhpie plus 42mxy is the only formula I forgot to study.

I teach Rockstars.

Two stories that will warm your heart...
One day last week, one of my outrageously dramatic students, (who really should take to the stage), BURST into homerooom, STOPPED, and threw his hands in the air, all while doing a little twirl.
All this because he got his hair did.
A conversation that makes me feel that I may be a TILF....
Student:  Miss, can I take you out to dinner?
Me:  Ummmmmmm....... welllllllll....... Um, well, My husband wouldn't really like that too much.
Student:  What if I ask him?  If he says yes, will you let me take you to dinner?
Me:  I don't think he will say yes.
Student:  Well, what if I brought you out to dinner near the school, I will pick you up there and drop you off there.  
Me:  No.  I really can't.  Thanks for asking though, that's very flattering.
Student:  I'm ALMOST 18 Miss!!!! Give me a chance!!!!

Good God, these kids are crazy!

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