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10 March 2009

Pop Quiz.

Question:  Who is SpongeBob?
Answer: NOT a sponge from the kitchen sink that FELL into the ocean and was made into a cartoon character.

Scenario:  I passed out a worksheet today that I adapted from another teacher at my school, and in an effort to make learning "fun", it features SpongeBob SquarePants and SpongeSuzy RoundPants as parents.  The object is to make Punnet squares with their genotypes and figure out the probability of their kids getting RoundPants or SquarePants.  One of my students took one look at the worksheet, and very seriously said (in AWE), "I didn't know SpongeBob was Biology."  Later conversation informed me that all my kids thought SpongeBob was a sponge to clean pots and pans with.


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