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07 March 2009

Reasons why I did not pass the MTEL

1.  I do not know why prime numbers when added together, squared, multiplied by 7654982456 then divided by 10 to the 52nd still stay prime.
2.  I must have been asleep in history when they taught about World History...and possibly U.S. history as well.
3.  I do not believe elementary students should have to study the reason why the dictionary impacted our society.
4.  There were far too many answers that I marked "C".
5.  I hardly used any "A's".
6. I cannot explain two ways the Civil War changed U.S. policy.
7.  I wanted to spend another 200 bucks next time they offer the test.
8.  The reason that a triangle inside of a cube under a circle has lateral area of 15bhpie plus 42mxy is the only formula I forgot to study.

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