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A high school teacher whose dream was to teach first grade. Landed there, and haven't left. Some call me crazy, I call it good times.

31 January 2009

Talkin' the talk

In order to fully appreciate the young of today, you will need to know what they are saying.  Here begins a list of terms...this will grow as needed.

Salted- Kinda like dissed- for example if you get proven wrong, or someone makes fun of you, you are salted.  You can also be mad salted.  There is also the spanish equivalent, that sounds like salow! but of course I couldn't spell it if my life depended on it.

Sauced- Like salted but not as cool.

No homo- If you tell a friend of the same sex you like his/her outfit, hair, phone, piercing,or  weave- you have to add no homo, man, no homo.

Thirst- You want it really bad.  Teachers are often thirst when they ask students to take off their hats and tuck in their shirts.  You can also be mad thirst.

Forcin' it- This is used to describe situations where people are being ridiculous.  If a teacher asks a student to actually do schoolwork, they are forcin' it.  When someone insists they are right, they are forcin' it.  You can also say "that's a force"  in reference to a situation.

Lean- This term also involves hand motions.  First, you give a friend the "come here" sign with your hand.  When they lean in, you say "lean" in a loudish, quick type voice, and at the same time, hit the side/back of their head.  This is very funny and can be done at any time, especially when someone is being stupid.

28 January 2009

Ain't nuthin but a "G" thang...

I am a high school teacher at a lovely place we'll call "City High".
1.  For the sake of all involved, if you are a parent of a high school student, or a teacher who has no sense of humor, stop right here.  This blog may offend you.  That being said, for those who chose to read  on, it's not like my fellow teacher sand I don't dearly love our babies, it's just that to deal with them, and the crazy situations we sometimes need to poke some fun, have some drinks, swear that we hate it, and complain too much.
2.  These are true stories.  they happened to me and the people I work with and the students.  Names and details have been changed to protect the innocent, the crazy, the nerds, the thugs, the haters, the teachers and the school.
3.  So please, don't try and figure out who we are, just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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