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07 March 2009

I teach Rockstars.

Two stories that will warm your heart...
One day last week, one of my outrageously dramatic students, (who really should take to the stage), BURST into homerooom, STOPPED, and threw his hands in the air, all while doing a little twirl.
All this because he got his hair did.
A conversation that makes me feel that I may be a TILF....
Student:  Miss, can I take you out to dinner?
Me:  Ummmmmmm....... welllllllll....... Um, well, My husband wouldn't really like that too much.
Student:  What if I ask him?  If he says yes, will you let me take you to dinner?
Me:  I don't think he will say yes.
Student:  Well, what if I brought you out to dinner near the school, I will pick you up there and drop you off there.  
Me:  No.  I really can't.  Thanks for asking though, that's very flattering.
Student:  I'm ALMOST 18 Miss!!!! Give me a chance!!!!

Good God, these kids are crazy!

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