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05 February 2009

Under the table and crying.

For those of you who aren't lucky enough to teach with me, here's the latest and greatest.  This week has been AWFUL (as weeks that are not vacations often are).  Yesterday, after an invigorating pep talk from a teacher who believes children are MEANT to fool around, I was feeling a bit guilty about my crankiness towards the babes.  Here's a short version of the pep talk:

Teacher:  In good practice teaching, you always have a starter activity for the kids to do right away.

My inside my head voice:  OMG here she goes...

Teacher:  It keeps the kids from fooling around, and I believe in tough love, these kids need direction- even in high school.

My inside my head voice:  Yah, Yah...

Teacher:  It is not a kids job to come sit down and learn, it is their job to be kids and fool around.  Good practice teachers guide them lovingly to do their work.

My inside my head voice:  Oh My God, I SUCK.  It isn't their faults.  I don't guide lovingly. I scream and plead!!!!  They are angels, I am the devil.

Well needless to say, I had a nightmare that night.  My department head walked into my classroom with a clipboard, ready to evaluate me, and I was under my desk.  Crying.

When I finally pulled myself together enough to get up and teach, I realized the lesson I had prepared was in Math.  I teach Science.  I was salted.

Remember this is only a dream.

Today.  In real life:  My department head walks in with a clipboard.On the bright side, I was not under my desk crying.

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