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16 February 2009

To commemorate a favorite story

A few days ago we had our Valentine's day dance.  Aside from the dry heaves in reaction to the gross displays of affection among the sweaty high school kids in a darkened, hot, smelly cafeteria, I also experienced a trip down memory lane.  
Last year, at this very dance, right before february vacation, some of my favorite teachers and I experienced a situation that was so ridiculous, it has been the material for many jokes since.
It was nearing the end of the dance, when a mom pulls up in her car outside the cafeteria.  Her son gets out, and some other kids show up, apparently they were going to fight.  News travels fast and suddenly, the kids at the dance flood out the back doors in hopes to catch some of the action.  All hell breaks loose and us teachers rush outside to break up the fight.
Well, mom doesn't like this at all, so she gets out of her car and starts yelling.  When she sees one female teacher trying to pull some kid off another kid, she starts screaming- "WHO THE F*$@ IS THIS B!#*+?"
Apparently, by trying to save the lives of deluded adolescents, we have pissed off the very mature mother.
The mother then gets in her car and accelerates as fast as she can through the throng of fighting kids, nearly running over 3 teachers and a dozen students.  She only nabbed one kid, running over his leg.
This apparently satisfies her urge to kill someone, and she screams at her son to get back in the car.  He does, and they speed off.
Thank God the police force didn't come down and help us out.
All joking aside, this was a horrific experience, but come on!! How funny is it that now we can all yell the phrase "WHO THE F&$# IS THIS B*%$#@" whenever we get mad at someone!?!?!?!?
XOXO to all my teachers who know this story well and lived to tell it.  Till the next time, x to the o-

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